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Darren Caddle might expand to Australia in the coming months

With the record-level turnaround and increased job openings, stress and significantly increased candidate expectations, the talent acquisition professionals continue to face the recruitment and hiring challenges during the second year of an unprecedented labor market.

But where there's a challenge, there's also an opportunity. Recruitment agencies are now using more external workers, considering different sourcing channels and rethinking requirements for roles. If companies invest in hiring firms and rethink their employee value proposition, it is a golden opportunity.

Remote job listings in 2022

According to a latest report, there is a 12% jump in remote job listings in 2022, as the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge of new variants is continually reshaping the workplace.

Another survey reported that 65% of the respondents wanted to continue working full time remotely. Whereas, 58% suggested that they would hunt for an in-house job if they can’t continue working remotely post-pandemic. Although most of the postings were of managers or experienced staff level, still 20% constitutes entry-level or director-level job positions.

Darren Caddle - A talent hunt agency

Since there's a high influx of remote jobs and companies are also looking for off-shore employees, companies simply don't have the manpower or band with tens of thousands CVs and employee profiles to sift through. That's where recruitment agencies like Darren Caddle come in. Darren Caddle is a focused talent hunt agency. They specialize in finding the top talent for your firm. In other words, when it comes to building your A team, Darren Caddle is the right agency to contact.

Darren Caddle is based on a simple ideology, “Aggressive Talent Hunt''. You just need to tell the Darren Caddle team your requirements for any job position, and they mobilize to find the right candidate for the job. To find them, they will post your job on popular job boards like linkedin, indeed, glassdoor, ziprecruiter and so on. They are not a full HR agency, thus they don't cater services like payroll, onboarding help and so on, they are primarily focused on their aggressive talent hunt.

In addition, they will also analyze companies that are likely to hire similar staff, see who are the best people working for them and contact them to gauge if they are willing to switch. If they see some degree of willingness, they will pitch the opportunity to them. They will continue to do this until they have enough great candidates to give you ample options.

We all know that when it comes to recruitment, it's primarily a number game. Most “bad hires'' are the result of less options. At Darren Caddle, they try to give you a huge number of pre-qualified candidates so that you can make the right decision for your company.

High demand of recruitment agencies in recent times

As every country is in dire need of agencies like Darren Caddle to assist them in their recruitment process, the company says, they will be expanding to Australia very soon. When asked why specifically Australia? They responded, the recent business survey of Australia showed that there's been a rise in the demand of workers lately. Whereas another survey showed concerns about unemployment were at their lowest in the mid-1990s on consumers' end. There was a 10% jump in ads in October, which was whooping 54% above there previous value in December 2019, prior to the pandemic.

The survey comes amid talk of the Great Resignation, where a mass number of Americans quit their jobs. We analyzed the job history of nearly 57,000 companies in the database. Computer and IT fields yet again topped the list of careers for remote jobs, but there was a sharp rise seen also in accounting and finance fields making them the second most promising career of 2022.

Marketing also grew significantly, while the HR and recruitment industry experienced the highest percentage jump in posting for remote and in-house jobs last year. Thus, more and more companies have started to rely on recruitment agencies to get efficient and fast results.

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